The curtain opens to a Terry-Gilliam-esque room full of music equipment, televisions and monitors. Playing on all of the screens is a soon-to-be-seen feature film, an epic romance about a young artist struggling to make it, and the girl who loves him.   

Studio lights fade up, revealing to your eyes what your ears already believed. On the stage before you is an incendiary rock and roll band, all of them masters of their craft, and legendary in ways that only a tight group of musicians can be.  Only this time their job is not a concert, but a commission: Compose the music that will become the soundtrack of the film before them - the romantic movie with the Hollywood ending. 

But even the tightest of families are not impervious to dysfunction. We detect only subtle hints at first, but soon the dialog, body language and other glaring “tells” can only mean one thing: TABATHA, the sultry female lead singer and MILES, the brooding male lead singer are former lovers.  How can we be so sure? Because of the way they fight. It’s ferociously passionate.  And like all passionate fights between couples, things get ugly really fast, and lover’s spats are bad for the workplace.  

Despite their feelings they hold the verbal animosity, pick up their instruments and play on. There are only three songs left on the movie soundtrack and Tabatha, who accepted the job against Miles' objections, is dead set on finishing so they can collect a much needed paycheck - without which the band is destined for the streets as they're already months behind on their studio rent.  Even so, Miles can't help but to insist that the band has sold out and abandoned their original intentions - "music only, no compromise."  

But then, the unexplainable happens. The movie characters on screen, lovers whose destiny was thought to be pre-ordained by script and celluloid, begin to change as if their actions were guided by the music, and not for the better.  How is this possible?

Before the musicians realize what happened, the movie couple breaks up and the happy ending is replaced by a tragic one.  A phone rings, it's the studio and the news isn't good -  something has gone terribly wrong with the movie, the editor and director are in a panic, the film opens in a week!  A looming sense of foreboding overcomes the entire studio. What have they done?  This was their chance at success and now it's all over. Unless.....

Tabatha has a crazy idea.  If their music derailed the happy ending, perhaps their music can save it?  Genius right?  Not so fast.  Miles has no intention of selling out even further and refuses to cooperate.  And with that the BATTLE IS ON!  It's Tabatha verses Miles as they square off and trade licks - each trying to persuade the film's lead character to listen and react.  

In the end, as would be expected, love begins to triumph.  Miles, realizing the pain he's causing the former love of his life, waves the white flag of humility and remorse and through a heartbreaking ballad begs for Tabatha's forgiveness.  

With the lovers on stage finally reunited there's no time to waste.  They must put aside the past, find love, gather light, and play with all of their hearts -

Because if they don’t, they will have destroyed love in a Parallel World, and the boy and the girl will be lost forever. 

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