On the studio floor before you is an incendiary rock and roll band led by fiery ex-lovers Tabatha and Miles. Their commission: To compose the soundtrack for a romance movie with a classic Hollywood happy ending.


But something goes wrong. As the band nears the end of the soundtrack session the unexplainable happens. They discover that their music has somehow breached the boundary between reality and "make-believe land" and sabotaged the happy ending of the film.

In a desperate attempt to restore order and salvage their careers, the band begins the unthinkable task of attempting to change the outcome of a movie through the sheer power of their music.  


But there's trouble in paradise and it's in the form of a saboteur - Tabatha, who has been intentionally sabotaging the movie with mysterious motivations.  

And with that the battle is on. Tabatha and Miles square off playing song after song - each trying to influence the thoughts and actions of the movie's hero, JB, and determine his fate.  

Will he stay with the love of his life, Ella, or leave her for fame and fortune in NYC?  In the end whose music will win out - Tabatha's or Miles'?   

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 4.44.26 PM.png

But wait...there's more.  As Tabatha and Miles trade licks an absolutely mind-altering discover is made.  What they believed was just a movie is no movie at all.  It's actually REALITY itself. 

With Tabatha and Miles discovering that they are possibly figments of JB's imagination (or competing egos if you will) the show begins its psychedelic descent into unadulterated, existential madness.  

This is no longer a battle over song credit, or top billing...or even determining the outcome of a movie. This is an all-out battle for SURVIVAL.

Will love and the power of music win out in the end?  Stay tuned...